About Me

Hello! I'm Katherine, the creative force behind this site. Before I started this site I worked in a museum and did a lot of my own painting. I had a couple of shows which were great fun and I have put a few pictures of my paintings below. I also love making presents or things for friends, family or just for myself...

Since becoming a mum I want to channel some of my artistic energy to helping children enjoy and learn to be creative through different crafts and activities! I also thought that as the years go by it would be great to have a site full of craft ideas for my little girl and her siblings (no.2 is on the way!) to do with friends, celebrate the seasons, or just to do for fun by themselves.

Some of these kids craft ideas have come from my memories of things I did as a child. Others have been ideas I have picked up along the way. As my little girl grows each month she is becoming more and more able get creative and messy

There are two things that really motivate me to share what we are doing on this site. One is that kids can make really lovely things that don't have to be perfect. Secondly, I think that all kids need a creative space where they can experiment in doing and making things. All of the ideas here are therefore a starting point, but let your kids improvise and make things the way they want to. Encouraging curiosity at a young age is a great thing!

I started this site as a project and small business that I could do with my kids from home. I have really enjoyed setting it up thanks to the invaluable help of my friend Steph (www.homemade-gifts-made-easy) and the website building package SBI.

I hope that over the years it will develop and grow as my kids and I share the creative fun we have together. It's been great fun so far.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you find! We are certainly having fun sharing it with you:)


Some of my own Art

Sweden 1
Sweden 2

Two paintings of the Wintery Swedish Archipelago from when I lived in Stockholm, Sweden, 2007

Mother and Baby

Left: One of a number of my life drawings of a mother and new baby. Right: a landscape from a holiday on the island of Lismore, Scotland 2007.

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