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Homemade Christmas Decorations: Decorative Lanterns

Homemade Christmas decorations are one of the nicest things to make over the festive season. Check out our ideas for making your own Christmas table lanterns

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Valentine Crafts for Kids

Kids also love to celebrate St Valentine's Day! Here you will find lots of fun, pretty and love-filled valentine crafts for kids to make and enjoy!

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Kids Christmas Crafts

Here you'll find lots of easy kids Christmas crafts including step-by-step tutorials and templates for homemade Christmas ornaments, cards, edible crafts and much much more!

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Free Printable Kids Coloring Pages

Check out our unique and free printable kids coloring pages. Individual images, scenes and lots more

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Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers are easy and fun to do alone or in groups. Toddlers will love to decorate their own Christmas tree!

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Animal Crafts for Kids: Peg Caterpillar

Looking for some fun activities for kids and or kids craft ideas. Try out some of our great animal crafts for kids including this cute peg caterpillar

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Mother Day Crafts for Kids

What nicer way to celebrate mothers day than by making mother day cards? Check out these and others of our mother day crafts for kids

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