Animal Crafts for Kids:

If you're looking for some easy animal crafts for kids try making this cute peg caterpillar. It's a great little time-filler craft, is mess-free, easy to do and they pegs can be used. I now use our caterpillars to hold our receipts:) 

We found this idea at this great blogspot and had to try it out. They have definitely become one of our really quick and super fun activities for kids. My just-two-year-old loved choosing the colours of the pompoms and helping me stick them on.

If you like you could even source self adhesive magnetic tape (you can get this really inexpensively off Ebay) and stick them to the back of the pegs. This way these pegs would stick to your refrigerator and you could use them to hold papers, photos etc

You will need:

Wooden pegs/clothespins

Small colourful pompoms

Strong/super glue for fabrics/wood etc (supervise the kids with this!)

Goggly Eyes

Self adhesive magnetic tape (optional)


1. Gather your equipment. Start by choosing the head and glue it to end of the peg that opens. This will be the mouth!

2. Glue different colours all along the back of the peg to the very end.

3. Glue your two goggly eyes to the head!

Hey Presto! How fun are these!!!!

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