Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations

Looking for ideas for easy christmas decorations that your kids can make over the festive season? Check out some of the ideas below including xmas salt dough ornaments and a clove and orange pomander...

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Ages 2.5+

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Salt dough is a great material to make homemade Christmas decorations from so why not try using our salt dough recipe to make these stars for the Christmas tree?

Click here for instructions for how to make salt dough, and then come back here for ideas for Christmas shapes to make.

1. Once you have your salt dough made you can use cookie cutters to cut out Christmas shapes. Here are some ideas of shapes to try:

  • stars
  • christmas trees
  • hearts
  • gingerbread men
  • hearts
  • birds

2. Follow the instructions for baking and painting your salt dough on the page with the salt dough recipe. Try using greens, reds, golds, silvers and glitter to paint your shapes with....

Salt Dough Ornaments

Tie them up with colourful ribbons to hang off the tree or around the house!


Clove and Orange Pomanders

Ages 4+ (with help tying the ribbon)

These are extremely easy and attractive decorations to make around Christmas and they smell really lovely.

In order to make it easier to press the cloves into the orange we used a skewer (you could use wooden cocktail sticks).

You will need:

1 Orange (or as many as you wish to make)

A bag of cloves

A wooden skewer or cocktail stick (ensure your children are responsible enough not to play dangerously with these)

Festive ribbon!

1. Use the skewer to make small holes into the orange where you want the cloves to go.

2. Gently press the cloves into the pre-made holes.....

3. Put as many or as few cloves in lines up and down the orange as you like. We made the traditional four segments here, but you could experiement with two or three lines of cloves.

Just remember the ribbon needs somewhere to go.

4. Tie the ribbon onto the orange as if it was a present - you might need to help your kids here. Start at the top and then cross and twist your ribbon over at the bottom to bring it back up to the top again. Tie a knot, or if you wanted, a bow.

You're done:)

TIP: You could make a few of these and put them in a bowl on the table

Click here for more ideas for homemade Christmas decorations including instructions for how to make a hanging dove and how to make christmas lanterns.

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